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February 24, 2007

Moderate Risk
(Extreme Cubicle Aversion)

-Patrick S. Lasswell

I work as a part time consultant in the Kurdistan region of Iraq with my business partner Michael J. Totten.

This blog is about working abroad in the field instead of domestically in the cubicle maze. The world is a large place with a lot of opportunities for people with diverse skills, tremendous learning capacity, and the willingness to leave the office to accomplish work. It is not that we are better than you. It's just that we're willing and able to go, and you aren't.

What We Do

1. Go to safe dangerous places. There are a lot of places that are difficult to reach, have an unclear reputation, and are also tremendous business opportunities. Your competitors are already there eating your lunch, or maybe they aren't, but you have no way of finding out from your office.

2. Talk with interesting people. Do you have time to take tea with fifteen deputy ministers next week to receive fourteen polite maybes to reach the guy who can say yes? If we are on your dime, we will make the time. We have experience working with the mazes of bureaucracy to good effect, and also know when and how to avoid them.

3. Accomplish the Assignment. You need it done, we get it done. Our network of professional and social contacts provides us with a diverse knowledge base and skill set. We'll go over, around, or through the wall and make sure others can follow.

What We Do Not Do

1. Go to stupidly dangerous places. Moderate Risk means coming home and delivering results, not guest starring on Jihad TV. If you want do business in hell, find somebody else. We get paid on completion, and that means we don't go where psychotics run loose in the streets. Not to Chechnya, not to Darfur, and definitely not to North Korea.

2. Spy. We do not do anything that adversely affects the security situation of the places we do business in. We also do not cut our own throats in the public square or otherwise reduce our ability to perform repeat business. If there is a place worth going to for business reasons, we are not going to screw it up or screw it over. See the above prohibition. Also, spy agencies and handlers treat independent consultants with less regard than they do insects...and their checks bounce when they come at all.

3. Do security. There are a lot of great people performing excellent work in the security field. We can get you their contact information, no problem. We respect these people greatly, but we don't want to be them.

Why You Should Hire Us

We go where you don't want to, and we get the job done where you can't.

We're willing to go. Hell, we want to go. We know how to get the job done. And we don't have any overhead, so we're cheaper than the giants.


I'd like to get in touch and talk about travel in Kurdistan- I'm thinking of going next year and would like some civilian travel pointers.

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