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March 13, 2007

Need Help Tracking Unknown Ordnance

-Patrick S Lasswell

Found in a Print Shop.jpg

Everybody Loves Surplus Ammo Boxes

Yesterday we were getting some copies made and I found this in the back of the print shop. If any of the military folks out there can give me a better idea of how this ammo case ended up loose, I would appreciate it. I did not check to ensure it was empty, but this is definitely US issue.

Editor's Note: My wife has just informed me that we have quite enough ammo boxes at our house already. Under no circumstances am I to bring any back with me.


Dear Patrick:

Standard 81mm mortar rounds. Stuff like that, in the US, is often sold as surplus when it's been used and abused. There may be a similar program in Iraq. Or some local worker on a FOB might have asked to take it home. Or not asked.

An interesting note in the book D-Day noted that US Army gas cans are, to this day, widely used in certain areas of France. Surplus material has been used by virtually every culture we've warred through since it's generally more rugged than anything else they can get their hands on.

If you want a truly obscure cultural reference, try "Graveyard of Dreams" by Piper.

John Ringo

M252 has been in service since 1987 with army light infantry and air mobile and since 1986 with the marines there are two clues on the box that would help date this as this is after the round was upgraded, M821 to M821A1, but before the fuse was upgraded, M734 to M734A1 I of course, know nether date. In ancient days when I was being an artilleryman an empty ammo case in the field was what is technically know as trash and as any number of home town recyclers would be happy to tell you ,once you throw something away there is no telling where it will turn up.

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