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April 12, 2007

Unreported Story from Iraq

-Patrick S Lasswell

Nobody has taken the time to cover this story in the seventeen years I've been seriously studying the Middle East. Not text, not stills, and certainly not video.

Exclusive to Moderate Risk, please credit appropriately.

Thanks to Michael Totten who brought this to my attention when we were in the field.

Please Support Independant Reporting from Iraq


When will the MSM start to talk about Iraq like you do? I believe in quality reporting from Iraq, so I'm passing on this story!

Thank you!

Oh, come on people...that was funny.

Mrs. Risk

LOL!! That was funny. It also brought back memories from my younger days when I went "frog giggin" with my dad. I could do that, and I could eat 'em once they were cooked, but frying 'em? NO WAY! That was my Mom's job, all by herself in the kitchen, lol.

Thanks for the laughs and the memories!

Were the frogs Sunnis, Shiites, or Kurds? Iraq is a very complex place and it does not one any good to just lump all the frogs together like that as if they are all the same.


We haven't gotten the translation transcipts back, so we don't know for sure yet. We do have a translator working on it in Kurdistan right now, but he isn't the guy we took for that interview.

We were concerned about money, so we didn't keep the same translator the whole time. Housing a translator away from his home gets expensive very quickly if hotels are in short supply. Lodging was very hard to get in Erbil, and our first two hotel choices in Suliamaniya were unavailable, so we got a local guy.

As soon as we get a translation of what the frogs were saying that we can rely on, we'll post it along with the video. It may interest you to know that the frogs were taped no more than 100 meters from a mosque.

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