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November 30, 2007

Reconsidering the Oregon Guard Deployment

-Patrick S Lasswell

Open Letter to KINK-FM in Response to Their Latest KINK Considers Broadcast


When I was in Kirkuk earlier this year, the locals pointed out the American patrol passing by as something they appreciated because it was helping them beat the terrorists. The police chief I had lunch with was looking forward to getting new Iraqi Police units in that were going to break the insurgency in Kirkuk. Everything in Iraq is complicated, so I find it disturbing that your comments regarding the war there is so incredibly simple. You may have heard the old saying that for every complex problem there is a simple solution, and that solution is invariably wrong. So it is with your tantrum regarding the Oregon National Guard's upcoming deployment to Iraq.

I call your latest “Kink Considers” broadcast a tantrum because it clearly is not the policy statement of a mature adult. While it is inconvenient for Oregon to go without some of our emergency responders because of the risk of natural disaster, there are people actively plotting artificial disasters in Iraq who need more active care at this moment. Insisting that your peace of mind is more important than their lives borders on the infantile.

While we are on the subject of infantile, let's talk about your representation of terrorism and counter-insurgency. To say in November 2007 that more troops properly applied will not break terrorists in Iraq is astonishingly naive. The surge is working. Representative Murtha says so, and he is one of the biggest and most obdurate opponents of this war. General Patraeus developed and implemented a winning strategy. We broke Al Qaeda in Iraq and are breaking the other insurgent groups.

If you don't believe me, do what my business partner, independent journalist Michael Totten, is doing now in Fallujah, go to Iraq and see for yourself. See what the Oregon Guard members who are already there are doing. I'll be happy to help you make arrangements. The trip won't be cheap, but compared to the expense of maintaining ignorance, it's a bargain.

It is clearly time for KINK to reconsider Iraq.

Patrick S Lasswell
Portland, Oregon

UPDATE: KINK updated their web site with the text of the broadcast. I believe I heard them say some things differently so I will be recording the next broadcast to see if my memory is correct. I stand by the above commentary with regards to their posted transcription.


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