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April 14, 2008

Baker's Rack Wire Shelving

-Patrick S Lasswell

Things Your Team Needs: Equipment Storage Organizers

What is it? Baker's Racks Wire Shelving (industrial)

Photo (c) F.E. Bennett Co.

What does it do? Holds gear off the ground (or floor) away from pests and excessive stacking loads.

Why do we need it? Metal wire racks allows air to circulate. Baker's racks are sturdy enough to withstand shipment in ISU-90 boxes while keeping cased gear separate. Allows seabags to be stored so that each is accessible and spoilage is minimized. Assembles quickly with minimal training. Available casters allow entire rack to be moved while loaded. Industrial wire shelving holds substantial loads that residential grade product does not. Allows fire fighting sprinklers and hoses access.

Where can we get it? Material handling equipment vendors. F.E. Bennet Company. (NOT Costco, Home Depot, Lowes)

What kind should we get? Square Post Open Wire Shelving. Available in a broad variety of sizes. For heavy loads, use smaller shelves with more posts to better distribute load to the floor.

GSA Contract, Part or Stock Numbers? various

How much does it cost? $6-10 per square foot of shelving, not less than $200 for a full sized rack.

Why is this better than what is issued? Open purchased wire shelving will fit the unit requirements much better than issued or salvaged wire shelving will. Expensive shelving that works will protect gear much better than cheap shelving that fails.

What stupid things will be done with it? Overloading. Loading jagged objects directly on wires causing breakage of racks or gear. Loaded into metal floor shipping containers without plywood dunnage to protect floor. Left unsecured to walls and shipped where tipping is possible. Loaded with wet gear and not dried for months. Purchase home use instead of industrial shelving. Assembled badly.

Additional supplies needed? Plywood dunnage for loading into ISU-90 boxes or other containers. Dead-blow plastic hammer for setting shelves. Spare sleeves.

Patrick S Lasswell is a member of the Inactive Ready Reserve and would be happy to help your unit get the best equipment for its mission. Contact him at pslblog (at) gmail (dot) com. He will be happy to accept your gratitude in the form of unpaid drill credits. Persons willing to donate money will not be turned away.


No. 75-1, Fu Shing 2nd Rd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Tel : 886-7-2015968 Fax: 886-7-3316138

Web Site: E-mail:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Good day

Please let us introduce ourselves to you. We are a manufacturer of stainless and chrome shelving system & handling equipment. Our company is located in Taiwan and is doing business with many big companies here. Our products are with high quality, our reputation is wonderful, our price is very competitive and our service is great.

Now we are looking forward to expand our company overseas and really want to have the pleasure doing business with you. Our company has products like wire shelving, stainless steel solid shelf & perforated shelf, security cart and enclosure cart. We also have accessories like casters, S hook, divider, label holder, post clamps, and rail. Our company has a website. Please take a look at our products at . We have great confidence in our products quality, and we believe our price will satisfy you.

While our products may very well be of interest to you, we do not know with whom we should be in contact directly. Can you provide us with the contact information?

We do appreciate for your kind attention, and look forward to establishing a long-term & mutual beneficial partnership with you in the near future.

If you have any inquiries, we will be glad to provide further details upon request. Please contact us via phone or e-mail, we will be delighted to answer it for you.

Thank you.

Export Department
Joe Koa
Tel: 886-7-2015968
Fax: 886-7-3316138

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