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April 14, 2008

Building a Zombie-Proof LED Light: the LightBiscuit!

-Patrick S Lasswell

biscuit plate.jpg
A Plate of LightBiscuits. Available in a variety of colors and extremely resistant to zombies. Photo (c) Patrick S Lasswell

After years of building the brightest LED flashlight adapter, I was able to convince my friend Mike Boyd to try something else, but I had no idea that it would result in the world's first Zombie-Proof LED light. My idea for a simple cup machined out of aluminum and covered with polycarbonate plastic sparked his interest and convinced him to try a new product. Mike designed the circuit board and contracted out the machining of the cup. I went to a local plastics place for the polycarbonate window and got the other hardware.

Single White Zombie-Proof LED Light. Photo (c) Patrick S Lasswell

The design was not intended as zombie protection from the beginning. Mostly it was the result of two engineering types tired of lights that failed for one reason or another. Since material to build a sturdy light was available, we built it sturdy. Round stock 6061 Aluminum was the source of the aluminum that works as a housing and an integral heat sink. The front window is 3/8” polycarbonate plastic, strong enough to stop a bullet, just because we hate building things that can break. No zombie has ever been able to crack the case on this light, and we very much doubt any ever will. The light is even strong enough to shrug a little buckshot when the undead are too close for precise targeting; the round case shoulders soft lead aside much better than square lights will.

In a pinch this light will spotlight zombies all night long on a single 9 volt battery even though it is designed to be run on 12 volts Photo (c) Patrick S Lasswell

For when you are not under actual attack from zombies, this is also a very nice light for other purposes. Very efficient Luxeon (c) brand LEDs make this light able to run on little power, so it is much better for camping than any flickering florescent lantern. It is also available for homes and business under threat of something really scary: out of control regulators and lawmakers. This light is more green than any mercury filled compact florescent, and comes in a variety of colors including three shades of white. In fact, if a perfect lighting color for your workplace is more important than fighting off walking corpses we can accommodate you with custom color balancing. So now you can save the planet while being tastefully lit and protected from zombie hordes.

Update: Also, the LightBiscuit is available in Ultra Violet and Infra-Red (UV-IR), but for UV the window is replaced with a crystal to reduce transmission loss over time. Good UV breaks down long chain molecules like polycarbonate plastic.

Note: No zombies were harmed in the development of the LightBiscuit or any other product. does not admit the existence of zombies or advocate attempts to raise the dead, even for conversational purposes. makes no guarantee of your personal survival in the event of a zombie attack. LED lighting, no matter how incredibly cool, is not a replacement for an actual emergency plan.

Thanks again to Kate for the SDA-lanche
Welcome to the Canadian Gun Nutz forum denizens, please take a look around and enjoy. In delicious bit of irony, I'm spending this weekend pitching this light at a Gun Show! Please feel free to drop a note in the comments section if you have any questions.


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