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April 12, 2008

Description of Things Your Team Needs

-Patrick S Lasswell

Things Your Team Needs: Description of "Things Your Team Needs"

What is it? Things Your Team Needs Blog Entry


What does it do? A formatted series of descriptions of things that will make a military team more effective.

Why do we need it? An organized lists of useful items for military organizations telling you what works, the exact kinds of things that work in the field, a cost estimate, and other details is useful for people trying to improve the effectiveness of their team. Many people entering the service have limited life experiences and buy inadequate gear because they do not know what works.

Where can we get it? until further notice.

What kind should we get? The recommendations of Patrick S Lasswell until other people contribute their own input of useful items.

GSA Contract, Part or Stock Numbers? None.

How much does it cost? Unpaid Reserve Drill Credits for Patrick S Lasswell

Why is this better than what is issued? Supply departments have no incentive to provide formatted descriptions of useful items. Supply departments are more accountable for the gear on the books than the success of the mission. They are not opposed to success, but they are not accountable for it, either. This gear is for the people who need to accomplish the mission beyond the minimum requirement. This lists things your team needs that nobody tells you about in a way you can understand. Troops providing their expertise about gear they know works will be published, so a range of good ideas is available.

What stupid things will be done with it? Threatened supply people will probably try to stop its publication. Companies may try to influence the writer with gifts that he cannot accept. Somebody may try to get the writer in trouble for telling the truth.

Additional supplies needed? Your experiences with great gear that works are welcomed. Please submit your ideas in the standard format so the writer does not have to edit from scratch.

Patrick S Lasswell is a member of the Inactive Ready Reserve and would be happy to help your unit get the best equipment for its mission. Contact him at pslblog (at) gmail (dot) com. He will be happy to accept your gratitude in the form of unpaid drill credits. Civilians willing to donate money for the insight provided will not be turned away.

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