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April 14, 2008

Drying Towels

-Patrick S Lasswell

Things Your Team Needs: Reusable Maintenance Towels

What is it? Wiping Towels


Photo (c)

What does it do? Dries and clears gear from the field before storage.

Why do we need it? Gear stored wet and dirty mildews, corrodes, and fails. Gear stored dry and clean lasts longer and works better. Waterproof containers like Pelican Cases keep moisture in as well as out. At the end of exercises and operations in the field, time for proper maintenance and dehumidification is generally not available. The presence of a large number of drying towels, stored in their own waterproof container will allow tired team members to quickly clean and dry gear as it is being stored. Dirty wiping towels can be washed, dried and re-used.

Where can we get it? Auto supply stores and truck stops. Costco.

What kind should we get? White terry-cloth if tactical requirements permit.

GSA Contract, Part or Stock Numbers? Various

How much does it cost? Less than $1 per towel in bulk

Why is this better than what is issued? Informal maintenance, like drying gear before storing, increases team cohesion and mentoring. In many instances, before feedback can make it through the formal maintenance bureaucracy, new gear will be issued. Towels are more absorbent than rags and more reusable.

What stupid things will be done with it? Mechanics will wipe up grease. Washing dirty towels will be assigned as a punishment and neglected. Towel fights.

Additional supplies needed? Grommets. Mesh bag to hold wet/dirty towels for washing after use.

Patrick S Lasswell is a member of the Inactive Ready Reserve and would be happy to help your unit get the best equipment for its mission. Contact him at pslblog (at) gmail (dot) com. He will be happy to accept your gratitude in the form of unpaid drill credits. Persons willing to donate money will not be turned away.

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