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April 12, 2008


-Patrick S Lasswell

Things Your Team Needs: Cargo Handling Tools

What is it? Handtruck, dolly, or handcart.

Photo (C) Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc.

What does it do? Efficiently transfers heavy loads from storage to transport and back.

Why do we need it? By transferring load to the axle and wheels, handtrucks reduces the effort and strain necessary to carrying material. Back and joint injuries, wasted time loading things slowly, and wasted energy carrying things stupidly all expend people resources in ways that degrade the team. Quality counts and a good handtruck is much better than a cheap one. When only a few people are around, they can do a lot more work with a handtruck; getting less important work out of the way. When only a little time is available, handtrucks get the job done quicker. Cheaper, more readily used, and much less dangerous than a forklift for small, heavy loads.

Where can we get it? Any number of local material handling companies or the manufacturer itself.

What kind should we get? The Dutro 58P-DLX with folding nose option and non-solid wheels works at home station and in the field. It can go up stairs and over (good) gravel roads. The folding nose option allows oversize loads to be carried. The Deluxe version has wheel guards to keep loose loads like tents and seabags from wrapping in the wheels. The non-solid (balloon) tires handle bumps and gravel better at the cost of absolute load limit. The height of this handtruck makes it easier to tilt back when carrying heavy loads. The steel construction makes it sturdy and easier to repair.

GSA Contract, Part or Stock Numbers? 58PBP-DLX-FN

How much does it cost? About $130 with options listed, probably a little less with a military purchase. (Spring 2008)

Why is this better than what is issued? This is what professionals who lift things everyday use. This will be new, and not abused for years. This combination of features has been tested in the field and found to be excellent. This handtruck will be taller, with better wheels, and a greater capacity for load lifting than anything issued besides a forklift.

What stupid things will be done with it? Idiots will put a person on the cart and push them around. It will be taken home and used to help move individuals. Different units will try to steal it. It will be left out in the rain for weeks. It will be locked up by the Supply department and not get used, resulting in injuries and waste of service resources like time and energy.

Additional supplies needed? None.

Patrick S Lasswell is a member of the Inactive Ready Reserve and would be happy to help your unit get the best equipment for its mission. Contact him at pslblog (at) gmail (dot) com. He will be happy to accept your gratitude in the form of unpaid drill credits. Civilians willing to donate money for the insight provided will not be turned away.

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