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May 25, 2008

Nina on the Esplanade

-Patrick S Lasswell

An authentic replica of Columbus' flagship Nina is docked in Portland until June 1st, 2008, so Mrs. Risk, the Risk Dog, and I went to take a look.

A fine caravel, the replica Nina was built in Brazil. Modern conveniences, like auxiliary diesel power, allow the ship to be crewed by only six.


The crew keeps her clean and ready for visitors. A living museum should be as authentic as possible, but the bow was clearly not being used as a head. Purists can wallow in their own stench, and often do.


The ship's boat showed no signs of use, but was in excellent condition. The entire craft was made of select Brazilian hardwoods and is in a lot better condition than Columbus ever saw.

An authentic horizontal windlass, for raising the anchor. Wisely unused, with a real load on, this mechanical monstrosity would kill you for looking at it funny in heavy weather.
The ship is American flagged and follows Coast Guard safety requirements. Members of the crew were pleasantly patriotic, thanking some nearby soldiers for their service.


After touring the Nina, Mrs. Risk, the Risk Dog, and I went for a jaunt on the Eastside Esplanade where these flowers were in bloom.


Somebody hiding in plain sight behind layers of punk. I wonder if anybody was under all that effort to display. Mrs. Risk smelled her mob coming.


Cycling on the Esplanade is very popular.


These two guys were having a grand day out.


This family appeared to be having enforced fun. "Do you know how much this cycle cost? Keep peddling!"


The Willamette is running cold from fresh-melted snowpack, so none of these punks was bathing. Pity.


No alcohol is permitted on the Esplanade, which is why the punks above are drinking their beer on the bank of the river, away from the rigors of the nanny-state.

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