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May 02, 2008

Portland May Day 2008: Kinda Tired

-Patrick S Lasswell

Astroturf abandoned. After the march started this stack of signs was left behind after the circus moved on. Is it sacrilege to leave Obama signs on the ground, or just sloppy management. Maybe next time they'll invest a few bucks on a table to keep their gear out of the dirt.
Plenty of dogs at the march. This guy needed a hug.
This fellow tried to carry off some signs to distribute, but there were a lot of leftovers. A lot of money went into a march that did not have a lot of support.
andanglesarewatching him.jpg
Surreality abounds at the Portland May Day March. Angels looking over Big Brother's shoulder.
Sleeping through the revolution. With protests in the background, some people just wanted to take a nap in the sun.


This Old Guy was out for a walk. Portland is very fond of dogs.


Television reporters looking for something relevant, or important, or any source of ratings. Univision reporter on the right.

Somebody else does not get to go walkies. But he gets to go!
Pretty horses and a cute cop.
Zooming in on the cute cop and her very aware equine.
Al Qaeda is certainly inhuman in their actions, but don't their victims have human needs? Your logic is not like our Earth logic.


Longshoremen strike to stop the war, except only two of them showed up for the march in a major west coast port. Where are your fellows? And exactly how open is the ILWU to immigrant labor? No hypocrisy is complete without Longshoremen.

Back home the Risk Dog was awaiting my return. So I left the fever swamp of incoherence and returned for dinner.

UPDATE: Thanks to Michelle Malkin and Rand Sindberg for their kind links.


It looks like the Portland march had more dogs than people.
Like most extremist events, it's just a handful of obnoxious loudmouths.

Hard linked & blogrolled ya...

Neither this Portlander, nor his dogs, was even aware of the "march". For which I'm kind of grateful. And shouldn't the post's title be "Dog Tired"?

Editor's note: But what would I have for next year if I couldn't steal that. Actually I was in kind of a hurry to get this up.

It looks like the Portland march had more dogs than people.
Like most extremist events, it's just a handful of obnoxious loudmouths.

Posted by: JEC

Hey, it sounds like you were criticizing the dogs. ;^)

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