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July 13, 2008

Portland Summer Dawn

-Patrick S Lasswell

An Offseason Valentine to my Hometown

Sometimes playing in traffic is worth the risk. At dawn on a perfectly clear summer morning, I went out around Portland and took pictures. This something I meant to do for over a decade, and now I have a camera and the opportunity. There were a number of times I wished I had a fish-eye lens and other times I wished I had a longer lens, but the Canon 24-70 f2.8L did just fine on my EOS 40D.

Moments before sunrise, Mount Hood and MV Cape Spencer from Hong Kong


Downtown Portland with the sun lighting the tops of the towers and the west hills


The Fremont bridge was mostly deserted and no police showed up to ask why I stopped at the top of the span. I also decided not to walk across all four lanes to get pictures on the other side. Becoming road pizza is a bad plan, the camera would certainly get damaged.


Sun coming up over the mountains and Emanuel Hospital.


Mount Hood bracketed by cranes from Northwest Portland


The Saint Johns Bridge in North Portland is for me the most beautiful bridge in the world.


I've crossed this bridge a thousand times and it's beauty still startles me at dawn.


A masterpiece in concrete and steel. This is what "1% for art" should be about. The aesthetics committees don't do this. It is also good to be grand.


A little after dawn, this tug and tow went under the Burlington Northern bridge. Although not the loveliest of Portland bridges, the BN bridge has immense character and purpose.


Tug Sirius out from under the BN bridge, she is towing the barge Antares. Bless those who remember the stars in the middle of the working world.

High resolution images available on request. pslblog / at / gmail / dot / com


Gorgeous pictures! Low sun is the best for revealing the beauty of any place. It works in Belchertown too.

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