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August 11, 2009

Union Astroturf in Portland for Town Hall

-Patrick S Lasswell

Just a quick photo essay then I'm off to bed.

Look for the Union Label when you are seeking the finest Astroturf.
Astroturf available from the Union in black or white.
Mostly Union Astroturf For...
Mostly Handmade Against...
Not All Union For, Some Are Outright Communist!
The Horses Were There. Note: The horse is not making an official statement on behalf of the City of Portland.
ONLY One Payer...sounds like "NUR Ein Reich?"
Rob Cornilles is running for Congress against Representative Wu. Best of luck to him, because we need change in D.C.
I"m just saying some people have enough coverage for elective work ...and a fine sculpture she is... She really showed no interest in the festivities, but she probably should...
The Risk Dog was worried because the last time he received public health care, it did not go far as he's concerned. At least his nails grew back, but he knows public care sometimes takes more that it returns.

August 07, 2009

Smashing the Left With a Calibrated Pile Driver

-Patrick S Lasswell

The left is exposing eggshell weakness with their literally radical mishandling of the health care juggernaut as well as the economy and they are about to be hit with a pile driver of American anger. The great proof pile drivers is that you can set an egg in a glass and crack the egg without smashing the glass; this must be our goal, to strike with great force and great precision. Here's why...

Barack Obama is for many a mythical figure and the folks who strike them down never get elected in response. Nobody goes on and on about how Achilles was just asking for it by running around without proper protective gear and a flawed operators manual from his mom. Daedealus always gets a bum rap for letting Icarus exceed the clearly stated flight envelop of his aircraft. Finally, nobody thanks Barabbus for putting that nice Jewish boy out of his misery.

I am not saying we should back down, the stakes are far too important and the issues are too pressing. I am saying we need to operate with enthusiasm and calculation to achieve a clear goal. We cannot be a bull chasing after waving red flags. Irresistible force going too far is what is wrong with all too many of the opposition's excesses. Unless you think that 1,000 page bills passed in less than a week represents contemplative restraint?

Someday soon a lot of people are going to be looking for bad guys to assign failure of the fantasy that was the Obama administration. Rather than fight people forever because they feel betrayed and would rather blame it on us than deny their delusions, we need to step up and go beyond anger ourselves. This is not just an opportunity to achieve a lasting victory, this is a chance to win with class.

Certainly we cannot expect paid operatives from SEIU and other thugs to respond to our outreach with decency and consideration. They are looking at losing giant payoffs that were almost in their hands and are not going to show restraint. Our way of keeping our cool is going to also be our way of showing their failure. We need to video everything we do and keep always in mind that YouTube never forgets.

While it would be nice to vent our darkest anger and trample all before us, a lot of people coming over to our side have already been trampled enough. That's why they came and they aren't going to stay if we start acting the mad bull. This is our chance to show we are worthy to lead

Be nice. Talk to the people with consideration and truth, and we will win some over. Record everything and always act with the knowledge that your least kind moment will be playing forever in political hell on the Internet. Crack the egg with all the force and precision of a Calibrated Pile Driver.

For gearheads interested in a truly great pioneer of early machine tooling: The Autobiography of James Nasmyth. Precision, power and class. Retired at age 48 because he wasn't taxed to death.

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August 04, 2009

A Reluctant Apology of Birther Madness

-Patrick S Lasswell

Michael Totten took me to task for an explanation of Virginia Republicans who chose to, or were suckered into, revealing Obama Derangement Syndrome. I haven't had a Virginia driver's license since 1995, I never registered to vote there, and certainly don't indulge in that particular dementia, but whenever Michael is looking for explanation of otherwise inexcusable GOP behavior, I'm the go-to guy. (To be fair, I stick him with trying to explain BDS and other leftist insanity, so I suppose turn about is fair play.) Here's what I can come up with.

A whole lot depends on how the question is phrased and how the answers are marked. There is a fair amount of willful idiocy on all sides towards the "where there's smoke there must be fire" nonsense. People are inclined to give credence to a sober questioner who is asking a series of serious questions that include a handful of wowzer items. I suspect that some of these polls are reverse opposition polling where irrational questions are phrased in reasonable terms and the results are tailored to indicate that certain groups are nutty. Virginia is a swing state and investing in making the Republicans look crazy is money well spent for a lot of political groups.

There is also a fair amount of belief that if the guy who beat you must be wrong in a variety of ways, it isn't just that you lost. Look at how many people fell for the BS about Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard. A fair number of lazy thinkers would rather discount their enemy than accept responsibility for their loss. In conversations with Republicans here in Oregon, I've heard a fair few people willing to fall for the “we wuz robbed!” indulgence.

Some of this is also distant reverberations of the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Back in the day, accusing a Stuart of infidelity and other tomfoolery regarding dynastic succession made all kinds of sense. For a lot of people (English, Irish, Dutch, and French) who were involved in that fiasco and whose descendants many of us are, the charge that the person in charge is not lawful by birth feels better than acknowledging that the guy in charge is legitimate, although a schmuck.

Records of any kind from forty years ago are crap compared to today. Computers and additional wealth provide us with dozens of authoritative indicators now that weren't around back then. Future historians will have problems sorting through document overload, but until automated data processing came into play, official papers were rare and valuable. Truth to be told, I have no idea where my original birth certificate is, I've used a replacement for quite some time. I moved from my birthplace three weeks after I was born and I've spent less than three days there since. But for people who are under thirty, stacks of documents are the norm and paucity is suspicious.

Finally, Obama's dad was more than a bit of jerk and his behavior in abandoning his wife and child and going back to Kenya in no way reflects well on his son. The way his mom dealt with that at the time and Obama the way glossed over that in his books poses some fundamental questions of character that were hardly scrutinized by the major media last year. That lack of scrutiny invites rumors and innuendo. If the press had been doing their job and running down every lead with serious analysis, there wouldn't be so many people looking for fire behind the smoke screen of Obama's personal history.

Of course, none of the above explanations matter, nothing excuses idiocy and insanity that loses elections to such corrupt individuals. Once the Supreme Court justice swears the individual in, he or she is the President of the United States. That is the deal and it does no good forging papers, wearing tinfoil hats, or otherwise indulging derangement. Failing sanity checks will always lose elections, except possibly in New Orleans. If we want responsible government instead of Chicago cronyism, we need to act like people who trusting with a vote would be a good plan.

Sober up Republicans; in Virginia and around the country. Obama is President. He may stink at the job because of his beliefs and his beholdings, but he is legitimately in office.

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